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The Powerful Significance of Power of Attorney 

Martin Jansky Law Firm recognizes the importance of establishing a Power of Attorney (POA). A Power of Attorney is trust, it’s something that empowers an individual to make decisions on another’s behalf should certain circumstances prevent them from doing so themselves. Regardless of what those circumstances are, for example, health, financial or something more drastic, there can always be a reason that we need someone else to make those decisions for us. A Power of Attorney is essentially about safeguarding your life and trusting someone to make crucial decisions. Our services for Power of Attorney at Martin Jansky Law Firm provide you with the legal framework to protect all of your assets and wishes. You can be assured that you’re in the best hands with us, always. 

Power of Attorney begins to be essential when you need to trust your decision-making in someone else’s hands, especially in situations that you may be unable to do it yourself. The decision to choose a Power of attorney can be due to many different life situations – here are some examples: 

  • Upcoming medical procedures that can cause difficulty with decision-making. 
  • Extended travel where you’ll be unable to be contacted easily. 
  • A diagnosis of a medical condition. 
  • Your personal desire to have a backup plan just in case something occurs unexpectedly.

Our Process

This is our approach to Power of Attorney services at Martin Jansky Law Firm: 

We begin this process by meeting with you and learning more about you and your situation. We discuss family matters and guide you through every step of the process we will complete. 

We then discuss with you your reasoning for needing a power of attorney, or if you’re the one being a power of attorney, we speak with you what that will entail. We go over everything, understanding your needs in the process. 

After discussing with you, we then draft a power of attorney document that is clear to your specific situation and needs, which then is reflected in your wishes. 

In the signing meeting Martin will review your documents with you to ensure all of your questions are answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the circumstances. A durable power of attorney can continue to be in effect while you or the one needing care is incapacitated, whereas a non-durable power of attorney ends when you or the one needing care becomes incapacitated. 

Choosing the correct person to be a power of attorney is a very crucial decision. You need to choose someone that can be trusted basically, with your life – someone that understands your values and wishes. 

Yes, as long as you’re mentally competent, you are able to change your power of attorney at any time. The experts at Martin Jansky Law Firm can be the ones to assist you with the legal process. 

No. A power of attorney becomes ineffective and void when the person that has one passes away. 


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