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Comprehensive Medicaid and Nursing Home Planning Services

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The Importance of Quality Care

Needing care in a nursing home can be scary, especially for those elderly loved ones. Long-term care is tedious and overwhelming, especially thinking of the future. It’s a significant life change that makes you think emotionally, and financially. On the other hand, Medicaid, which is a primary source of funding for many of those living in nursing homes, is its own world of difficulty. That’s why at Martin Jansky Law Firm, we want to provide you and your family with the expertise you deserve to navigate through nursing home care. Our services protect assets and give you comfort in knowing that you’ve come to the right place for legal matters. With a deep understanding in the field and with Medicaid, we want to provide a clear map towards a secure future. Our goal is to make sure that all individuals in our care receive what they deserve without jeopardizing their families future assets. We stand as the leaders of guidance in the legal field, using our strategies and expertise to make your journey as smooth as it can be. 

Medicaid and nursing home planning becomes necessary when the cost threatens your assets. That is why recognizing the signs is the first step in needing assistance. Here are some specific signs: 

  • Rising medical costs.
  • A loved one’s increasing need for assistance that you cannot tend to in your everyday life the way they need. 
  • You’re concerned about the depletion of assets due to costs. 
  • You’re uncertain about Medicaid eligibility, and how to apply for it. 
  • You want to protect assets along with ensuring quality care for your loved one.

Our Process

This is our approach to Medicaid & Nursing Home services at Martin Jansky Law Firm: 

At this initial meeting, we get to know you and your family dynamics. We will guide you throughout the process. 

We start off the process with assessing your specific situation – your needs, wants, and assets. We also go over your finances and understand the best course of action going forward with care for your loved one. 

Based on this initial assessment, we then determine a strategy. We want to protect your assets, while also making sure your loved one is taken care of in the best way. We help you plan for the future and navigate the process of Medicaid as well. 

We then assist you with the application process of Medicaid. Once approved, we continue to monitor the process with you and guide you through any changes that may occur with time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When dealing and qualifying for Medicaid, you can use trusts and asset transfers that protect what you need while ensuring your eligibility for Medicaid. 

Denial of Medicaid can be due to many different things. We can review those reasons with you, and even advise you with planning an appeal. 

It’s never too late! However, it’s extremely important to act fast to ensure they receive the care and coverage of assets that they need. 

The process of Medicaid can be quite complex. Let us be the ones to guide you through the process and ensure your loved one receives the care as soon as possible. 


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