Guardianship: Protecting Vulnerable Loved Ones

Guiding Families Through the Guardianship Process

The Role of Guardianship in Your Life

Guardianship is the legal responsibility that you take when a loved one is unable to make the decisions for themselves due to age, illness, or any other circumstance. At Martin Jansky Law Firm, we want you to understand the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of those that cannot make their own legal decisions. Guardianship is a protective measure. Our guardianship services are designed to provide legal support for families. Your best interest is always the most important part. Whether you need guardianship for a child, an aging parent, or someone with mental or physical health issues that need assistance, our team of experts provide you with compassionate help and guidance through it all. 

Guardianship can be a large decision. It becomes necessary when a loved one is unable to make decisions for themselves due to physical, mental, or age-related factors. If you feel as if you may need guardianship assistance, here are a few indications that can help you: 

  • You have a loved one going through cognitive decline, impacting their ability to make decisions for themselves. 
  • You have a family member that is unable to manage their finances properly. 
  • You’re dealing with medical conditions or an accident which impacts a loved ones self-care and decision making. 
  • Minors that require proper decision-making due to the lack of parents. 
  • Individuals that are at risk of self-harm or harm from others.

Our Process

This is our approach to Guardianship services at Martin Jansky Law Firm: 

We begin this process with implementing the plan. We walk you through all of the legal matters and documentation to make sure that everything is thoroughly explained. 

Next is an evaluation. We go over the need for guardianship and find out the proper steps to continue. 

We then guide you through the legal process and all of the documentation that goes along with it. We want to provide you with the best going forward. 

Guardianship is something that is ongoing. It’s a process. We want to provide you with continuous support and insight to make sure that the duties of the guardian at hand are carried out perfectly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of guardianship can be complex. The duration is based on your individual circumstances, as with any other legal process. We strive to make the process as easy as possible. 

Both involve making a decision on the behalf of someone else, but guardianship is much more complex. Power of attorney grants decision making to another individual. 

No it’s not permanent, but it can be. It mostly depends on the individual you’re taking guardianship over. It can be terminated if things change. 

The responsibilities of a guardian are just like the responsibilities of being a parent. You make the big decisions for the individual’s healthcare, finances, living arrangements, and other aspects of their life. 


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