Wills and Trusts for Generations to Come

Estate Planning – Securing Your Legacy for the Future

Protecting Your Assets and Your Wishes

The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a lot more than just making sure your assets go to the right people. At Martin Jansky Law Firm we understand that estate planning is about securing your legacy, providing for all of your loved ones, and ensuring that all of your wishes are honored to avoid legal disputes and even avoid Probate in certain circumstances. Our estate planning services include wills and trusts that help your legacy the way you desire. Asset protection is our specialty and we want to honor you. Estate planning is a safety net for the things that matter the most to you. Our approach is significant. We dive into every aspect of your situation, assisting you in crafting the best. Every story is different, which is why, with empathy and care, Martin Jansky Law Firm makes sure your legacy is protected. Let us help you create a tribute to your life’s journey. We want your future generations to be rest assured that they’re taken care of, and all of the loved ones in the years to come. 

Recognizing the need for help with estate planning is the first step. If you have a substantial amount of assets and liabilities, getting help to distribute them in the correct way is essential for it to be done right and stress-free. Whether you’re concerned about taxing or the easiest way to distribute assets when the time comes, Martin Jansky Law Firm are the ones to call. Here are example of indications that you might need our Estate planning service: 

  • You have an abundance of assets or property that will need to be distributed. 
  • You have changes in family, such as marriage, divorce, or birth of a child. 
  • You’re concerned about the future wellbeing of your dependents or beneficiaries. 
  • You’re wanting to avoid conflicts in the best way with distributing assets among family. 
  • You’re concerned about taxes when it comes to planning.

Our Process

This is our approach to Estate services at Martin Jansky Law Firm: 

We begin this process by diving into your assets, liabilities, learning your wishes and who you want your prized possessions to go to when the time comes. We get to know you and your situation and then address what needs to be done by asking the right questions. 

Based on what we found out in our consultation, we then will assist you in drafting wills and trusts, distributing your assets, following all of your wishes. 

Once you’re happy with the wills and trusts that we’ve made up, we finalize all of the documents and guide you along through the next steps for the future. 

Maintaining the plan that we implement is essential for its success. We will assist you in everything. How everything comes to be is up to your specific situation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Both a will and a trust are part of the estate planning process. However, a will only becomes effective once someone passes away. A trust can be effective while they are alive which allows much more control over proper distribution. 

It depends on the circumstances in your specific situation. In some instances, having both can provide you with added protection. Martin can assist you with determining that. 

Without a proper estate plan, your assets can end up in Probate which can take months, if not years, to clear. This can be stressful for the family left behind. 

Yes. It’s always your choice in including and excluding certain people from your estate plan. Of course, it’s essential to make sure that there is no legal issues involved in making that decision. 

It’s always important to review your estate plan every few years, or if something significant happens in your life. 


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