Empowering Seniors for a Stable Future

Elder Law Services at Martin Jansky Law Firm

Understanding Elder Law

At Martin Jansky Law Firm, we recognize the unique legal challenges faced by seniors and their families. That is why our Elder Law services are designed to provide legal support to seniors ensuring that they can age with peace of mind that their future and assets are secure. At Martin Jansky Law Firm, our expertise in the field spans through many different areas – from estate and healthcare planning to guardianship and rights within nursing homes. We want seniors to not worry about aging, we want them to thrive as they grow older. Growing old is a privilege and we want to be the ones to allow that to be as comfortable as possible. Every legal solution we provide is comprehensive and in the best interest of the client involved. We’re dedicated to empowering seniors through guidance and personalized solutions. 

The journey through life presents many different challenges, especially as we grow older. Recognizing when you or an aging loved one may need Elder Law services is extremely important. There are many signs that can show a need for Elder Law services. If you find that you or someone you love is facing these issues, it’s time to seek the guidance of our experts.

  • Concerns about the financial implications of long-term care as the years go on. 
  • Uncertainties surrounding the distribution of estates, wills, and trusts. 
  • Needing answers to questions about qualifying for Medicaid and the benefits that are obtained with it. 
  • A need to establish healthcare with living wills or power of attorney due to elder abuse. 
  • Challenges with senior rights in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or caregivers in homes. 

Our Process

This is our approach to Elder Law services at Martin Jansky Law Firm: 

We begin our Elder Law services with a consultation. During this consultation we learn your concerns, needs, and goals related to Elder Law. This lays the groundwork for our future strategies. We will discuss all of your family dynamics and guide you through the necessary steps and information.

Based on the information gathered from the consultation, we then create a plan that addresses what we will accomplish. This will cover every aspect of the service, ensuring that everything is taken care of and you or your loved one feels secure using our services.

Our commitment to you does not end once our services end. We stay by your side throughout the entire plan and if you need support in the future, we will be there. 

Reviewing your plan is essential for its true success. It is recommended that they be reviewed every few years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Both services focus on the future. However, Elder Law is specific to the challenges that seniors face, such as healthcare and long-term care planning as they continue to age. Estate Planning deals with asset distribution among families after someone has passed away. 

Long-term care planning is crucial in Elder Law services due to the fact it assists seniors prepare for their future healthcare needs. It assists them in making large decisions about their nursing home care, assisted living, and even in-home care. All of this protects their assets and lessens stress. 

Of course! Martin can guide you through eligibility criteria, asset protection information, and ensure you gain all of the benefits you can. 

If you suspect elder abuse or elder neglect, you need to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Martin can guide you through everything to protect whoever needs it and address the situation. 

Elder Law becomes crucial when dealing with multiple areas. Martin will guide you through the challenges that can be faced with that, making sure all assets are protected and distributed in the way that you want them to. 


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