Learn About Jansky Law: Our Legacy of Trust

From Humble Beginnings to Trusted Law

For decades, Martin Jansky Law Firm has been a trusted name in the legal profession. The founder, Martin Jansky embarked on this journey with one mission: to provide legal services with dedicated expertise and compassion. We believe in the power of relationships. We want clients that leave the room after a consultation to feel comfortable that they’re trusting the right people with their most precious assets. The legal solutions we offer now range from elder law to nursing home planning to asset protection. We want to be the ones you turn to for assistance with the most important things in life. Our history and legacy makes a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals and families. 

Throughout the years, we’ve expanded our services in law, adapting to the changes of our world and all of the unique needs of our clients. Our team has also grown, bringing legal minds that truly show that we are the best in what we do. Our legacy isn’t about what we’ve accomplished on the business side of things, it’s about the relationships we’ve created along the way. We truly want to make a difference in law, which is why Martin Jansky Law Firm is here.

From Left to Right: Martin Jansky, Tania Williams, Mariel Barber, and Katie Giffin.

What sets us apart?

At Martin Jansky Law Firm, we see ourselves as more than just attorneys in law. We are allies. We are dedicated to our craft, and dedicated to understanding our clients and their challenges. Our solutions prove that. We see our clients as another story that we want to have a happy ending. We are dedicated to wanting our law services to have an impact that’s positive, we want our clients to feel supported. Every single case and every single client is an opportunity for us to continue what we have started here at our firm, trust. 

Our Values

The heart of our firm shows off our core values that make what we do, truly make a difference to those we work with. 

  • Client-Centric: every single client, regardless of who they are and their situation, matters to us. 
  • Integrity: We hold the highest standards of honesty in our work, offering trust and transparency every single day. 
  • Learning: The legal world is always changing, so we are always learning. Our team is always on top of the learning curve. 
  • Community: We are committed to our community and ensuring that not only our legal services, but our community initiatives are the best they can be.

Experience the Martin Jansky Difference