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At Martin Jansky Law Firm, we want to be the ones you trust with all things law. We understand the complexities and emotion that comes with dealing with life. With over 28 years of service, we’re committed to providing legal solutions that make a difference. We’ve stood by our clients, forming meaningful relationships that truly make a difference. Our firm, founded by Martin Jansky, has been the beacon of expertise and dedication that flows through all of our experts. From nursing home planning, to elder law, to guardianship, our dedicated probate team at Jansky Law Firm is here to guide you every step of the way. Our services are vast but our mission isn’t. Our legacy and commitment work simultaneously, which is reflected in the countless lives that we’ve touched with our expert legal services.

Our Expertise for Your Needs

Our commitment to law runs deep. Which is why we offer many different services. Every individual and every family has unique legal needs, and we at Martin Jansky Law Firm are the ones dedicated to providing solutions that protect your assets, legacy, and peace of mind. We are here to support you. 

$300 for Consultation Meeting (where your assets are reviewed, and you learn what you need and what you don’t need. Including FREE solutions that don’t require more work.) See Martin’s Chart
$375 per Document (POA, Will, Deed – excludes Trust suites and filing fees, etc.)
Trust Suites starting at $2750
Guardianships, Medicaid/Nursing Home Planning starting at $5,000
$375/hr for Litigation


Elder Law is a specialized area of practice that focuses directly on the unique needs of seniors. As we age, we face many challenges, especially with what to do with assets and financial concerns if something were to happen. Elder Law aims to give peace of mind to these senior members of the community.  


Estate planning ensures that your values, wishes, and legacy are preserved and easily passed onto the next generation when the time comes. Individuals can determine how these assets will be distributed after the passing, ensuring that loved ones are taken care of and all wishes are honored. 


There are times that individuals become unable to care for themselves or manage their assets, whether it be age, illness or another circumstance. Guardianship is a legal process that allows for a guardian to make decisions on behalf of the individual, ensuring their well-being, safety, and best interests.


Medicaid and Nursing Home Planning services aim to help individuals and families navigate the complex world of long-term care, making sure that they receive the best care possible without draining their life savings. 


Life is truly unpredictable, which is why there could be a time that you’re unable to make a decision on your own. Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to trust another person to act and make decisions on your behalf. You will ensure that your wishes are in the best interest, someone you trust wholeheartedly, providing you with added security during uncertain times. 

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A Legacy of helping families

With years of experience in the field, Martin Jansky Law Firm has a legacy of recognition. We stand as a testament to excellence in legal services. The dedication to every single one of our clients is reflected in the results of our work. We’ve built and continue to build that trust for the future generations. 


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